Code for Thought

Read how an inexperienced programmer began her journey into the world of Ruby on Rails and how she faced the many challenges of entering the tech world with no background experience.

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Healthy Roots

Healthy Roots is a section which discusses how to eat healthier, live healthier, and overall exist healthier. We will explore any ideas - ranging from the most arcane to common sense!

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Literature and Musings

A place for one and all to publish their works of art and their musings! Anything from short stories, poetry, to political commentary. A platform to launch your ideas.

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Version Control Using Git

Git Foundations - Commit History and Ref Log

I stopped by a friend’s house and picked up the book ‘Pragmatic Version Control Using Git’ by Travis Swicegood. I use git everyday but do I really know what I am using and why I am using it? While the book is very basic and foundational knowledge that one could easily dismiss as being obvious, I decided to read through it because when it comes to programming, it is important to keep a strong foundation. Who knows, reading this book may save me a few hours to a few days in trying to sort out an easily-fixed issue. Read More ›

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