code – Version Control Using Git

Git Foundations - Commit History and Ref Log

Blog of Feeling Responsive I stopped by a friend’s house and picked up the book ‘Pragmatic Version Control Using Git’ by Travis Swicegood. I use git everyday but do I really know what I am using and why I am using it? While the book is very basic and foundational knowledge that one could easily dismiss as being obvious, I decided to read through it because when it comes to programming, it is important to keep a strong foundation. Who knows, reading this book may save me a few hours to a few days in trying to sort out an easily-fixed issue. Read More ›

code – Teach Yourself C

Thought Provoking Carriage Returns

Blog of Feeling Responsive As I was going through chapter 4 of 'Teach Yourself C', I noticed that in one of the examples there was a backslash-character constrant; `/r` that I hadn't ever seen in Ruby. I looked up the name of this symbol and found that it is called a 'carriage return', an interesting name to be found in a programming language. Read More ›

code – Teach Yourself C

Control Statements

Just finished reading the third chapter of 'Teach Yourself C' and it was interesting. Titled, 'More C Program Control Statements', many of it was very similar to what I have read in other Ruby programming books. However, there were some dissemiliarites that could potentially trip me up if I am switching between Ruby and C. This post is designed to give me (and hopefully others) a rundown and distillation of the control statements found in chapter three. Read More ›

code – Teach Yourself C

Interesting Question About Compilers

Blog of Feeling Responsive As a segue from the previous post, an interesting question was posed while discussing compilers with my friend. The premise is that the C book I am using is damn near ancient in the tech world - 1997. C is timeless but the equipment that deals with C is not. Compilers have evolved quite dramatically over the 19 years since publication and so some of the details and explanations that Schildt give about compilers is outdated to say the least. Read More ›

code – Teach Yourself C

Running My First C Program

Yesterday I was talking to a friend about C and compilers. In Ruby, the need to compile a code is unheard of and the concept was completely foreign to me with C - once again reminding me why I am learning C in the first place. There is so much I am learning from C that I would never have learned from Ruby! And as much as it pains me to say it, learning Ruby first has some disadvantages. For one, Ruby *does* compile your code, it just does it behind the poorly lit alley so that no one can see it. Much of Ruby is done behind the scenes so you don't have to worry your pretty little programmer head about it - which makes it incredibly convenient but also misleading. Read More ›