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Check out the introduction to the draft of the novel I wrote for NanoWrimo! Please give me some feedback so I can improve the writing style and write up some more drafts before potential publishing. Read More ›

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This post starts our first ever literature entry! Be sure to comment on the bottom of the page and contact us if you'd like to enter your own musings. Read More ›

literature-and-musings – Work by Charlotte Newell

Journal Entry

Little to no light pervaded the cramped aisles of Paddy Murphy's Irish Bar and Restaurant, making it difficult for me to keep up with my friends. To compensate for the darkness, old yellowing lamps were suspended from the ceiling, doing far more harm than good as they illuminated the wisps of smoke creeping into my unwilling lungs and the browning, blotchy alcohol stains dotting the carpet. People's faces looked like the moon – half encased in shadow, half illuminated by the dim light. The faces I was able to see were either half-hidden behind a pint of beer or distorted in raucous laughter. The older girls strode confidently to the back of the bar, completely unaffected by the taunts and barks of laughter from the drunkards. I was terrified. Read More ›

literature-and-musings – Work by Charlotte Newell


The painted piece of cardboard hanging on the wall above my head reads Sherlock Holmes's words: My mind rebels at stagnation...I abhor the dull routine of existence. I crave for mental exaltation. These wavelengths of light shoot at my eyes, traversing the distance from the screen to my eyes in less than a nanosecond. They shoot through my pupil and do a quick summersault before sticking an upside-down landing on the fovea on my retina. Tens across the board, agree the judges. Read More ›